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high-quality SMT stencils individually scan-checked for accuracy

delivering speed and responsiveness

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specialist extended stencils for LED arrays

when precision and accuracy are critical

delivering optimised paste deposits for every component

pushing the boundaries of micro-precision

multi-level options for fine pitch components

when reliability is absolutely essential

Tecan’s stencils are designed by our team of experienced CAD engineers from customers’ Gerber data. They optimise the precise delivery of paste volumes specific to the requirement of each component on a PCB.

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Uniquely, we combine three complementary manufacturing processes to deliver high-quality, accurate SMT stencils to meet the most demanding surface mount challenges.

multi-level stencils optimise paste volumes for all components

These can have both raised and/or recessed areas on a general thickness, ensuring the correct solder volumes are delivered for all components – from 0.400mm pitch devices and 01005 packages up to larger power supply or GPS modules.

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a full range of formats and technologies for all applications

Tecan is licensed to produce stencils for all of the most popular re-mountable frame formats on the market.

From our proprietary, easy-to-use, manual tensioning system Genesis, to VectorGuard and Tetra frames – all types can be catered for.

Fixed frame stencils are available in a specially designed lightweight aluminium – with high-grade polyester mesh enabling the stencil to be bonded under high tension.

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squeegee blades

squeegee blade

DEK & speedprint compatible or fully bespoke

rework and accessories

rework stencils, frames, reflector shields

precision components

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