about Tecan stencils

50 years of experience and knowledge

Founded in 1970, Tecan played a key role in the development of the first metal stencils. Its Tecfoil™ system was the first remountable stencil frame in the UK and it subsequently pioneered multi-level laserformed stencils.

Tecan remains at the forefront of stencil innovation and now supplies a comprehensive range of stencil solutions. Its team of experienced CAD engineers have years of knowledge in optimising stencil design from Gerber data, ensuring that paste volumes match individual component requirements.

about stencils

Unique precision engineering capability

Tecan combines its knowledge of the latest surface mount technology advances with unique experience in three complementing manufacturing processes. This enables the production of stencils whose design optimises the precise delivery of the individual paste volumes required by the diversity of components on the PCB.

Laser Cutting

Tecan’s LPKF precision StencilLasers deliver improved aperture definition with a trapezoid cut through the interior of the material. This provides superior dimensional tolerances for finer pitch components.

Chemical Etching

A process that selectively removes metal by chemical action. It is used to reduce the stencil thickness locally, creating recesses or leaving raised areas, ready for the apertures to be subsequently laser cut.


Stencil blanks are created with apertures then cut by lasers to create laserformed stencils. The resultant apertures are naturally polished, offering optimum paste release.