PCB printing rework stencils

  • Available with a formed shape for ease of handling
  • Laser-cut for additional accuracy
  • For both leadless and leaded components

A laser-cut mini-stencil that is designed to print directly onto a populated PCB. Used where you need to replace a component or a grouping of components on an already populated PCB or increase paste volume onto specific components as a secondary process.

These stencils are suitable for both leadless and leaded components and are supplied with a mini squeegee blade. They can be formed for ease of handling.

They are available as a flat plate stencil or as a hand-held stencil which is formed for ease of use and to prevent paste spreading beyond the localised area.



Made to order with plates from 3mm upwards.

Hand-helds from 7mm upwards.

Design: Flat plate or hand-held

Materials: Stainless steel