Component printing rework stencils

  • Easy-to-use reusable frame system
  • Laser-cut for additional accuracy
  • For leadless components

A laser-cut mini-stencil that is designed to print directly onto a component. Used where you need to replace a component on an already populated PCB or increase paste volume onto a specific component as a secondary process.

These nested stencils are only suitable for leadless components and are supplied with a mini squeegee blade. They can be stacked for greater material thickness range.

Tecan also offers an adapted version that can be used for reballing which includes an extra top plate and centre plate that enable the component to be held in place.



52mm x 52mm 88mm x 88mm
61mm x 52mm 159mm x 119mm
60mm x 60mm 170mm x 159mm
70mm x 70mm 159mm x 152mm
75mm x 74mm 300mm x 260mm
80mm x 80mm Other sizes on request

Compatibility: PDR rework machine, ERSA dip and print machine

Materials: Stainless steel